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Avior Marine INC.

4th Floor Fly Ace Corporate Center 13 Coral Way, Central Business Park Pasay City, 1300 Philippines

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Additional Information

Over the years AVIOR has slowly grown with its loyal Principals but growth has always been with the interests of our present Principals in mind. It has never been growth for the sake of growth.

As such Avior has built up a proven track record in providing full manning and Crew Management for various ship types and offshore installations.

It has been a journey with our Principals in which we have learned from each other along the way. Several of our Principals are now self sufficient in Officers through cadet schemes and proper career planning.

For new Principals or unforeseen expansion we are still well positioned to recruit in most segments.

For each of our Principals we facilitate a high degree of customization of our services and promotion of the Principal identity.

What we believe in

  • Maintaining and Developing a dedicated pool for each Principal.
  • Enhancing loyalty as it will pay off in the long run in terms of lower Recruitment & Training Costs
  • Investing in development of own crew and providing career paths through the ranks is the best way to enhance loyalty and control quality.
  • Customizing our services around the Pricipal's need and execute Principal's policies and programs.
  • The need to offer all of the above at competitive rates.